About MTorres

MTorres from Spain
Leading company from Europe for Aerospace solutions. Approved suppliers of Airbus, Boeing and all major aircraft manufacturers.
Specializing in Solutions for manufacturing of Composite parts
– Automatic Laying of Carbon Fibres/Tapes
– 5 axes Milling/Drilling Machines for machining of composites
– Ultrasonic testing equipment for composites
– CNC Multi Flexible Universal holding fixtures for large skin panels
– Flexible Drilling Head for drilling/rivetting large fuselage parts
– Assembly jigs for Aerospace parts

Product Range

Automatic Tape Layer Machine (ATL)

  • The TORRESLAYUP is an 11 axes Gantry CNC tape layer machine, that has been specially designed for high speed tape laying of compound contoured aircraft structural components.

  • The TORRESLAYUP delivers the highest productivity and reliability to lay down aerospace carbon fiber components

Automatic Fiber Placement Machine (AFP)


  • The TORRESFIBERLAYUP has been specially designed for extremely high speed and high productivity fully automatic process to fabricate high contour or flat carbon fiber parts.

  • The concept of cutting and adding on the fly is a breakthrough step within AFP technology