CRENO has been developing innovative machining solutions, combining machines and processes, since its foundation in 1978 in Annecy, France.
For the last fifteen years, the company has been focusing on specific processes in the aeronautics sector for which they have designed highly differentiated solutions.Currently working with major aeronautics stakeholders mainly in Europe, North America and Asia.
Going beyond initial expertise in highly accurate robust, multi axis CNC machines – with 3, 5, or more axis – dedicated to “soft” materials such as aluminum or composites, we have developed advanced and efficient innovative processes, specifically for:
Multi-drilling “acoustic drilling” of composite nacelles
Ultrasonic cutting of various types of honeycomb structures
Milling of composite parts
Routing and drilling aluminum sheet stacks


MAX. 1000 X 3000 X 15 MM | CRENO AERO

The CRENO AERO stack router “bridge-cut” detagging system allows for drilling and routing to be carried out at the same time on single or several stacked aluminium sheets up to 12 mm.

With this new system, rivets as on the TRUMPF BFZ and fixing screws like on former CRENO AERO are redundant. They are replaced by little tags between the components and the final skeleton. After main contouring, the bridge cut system destroys the tags into chips whilst the press-foot strongly clamps the sheets together and separates the components from the skeleton. The result : perfect geometry even on small components. High speed routing, mist-coolant and efficient chip extraction reduce deburring and cleaning of components Global fabrication time is divided by 2 or 3