About Belotti

• Belotti Italy  has been manufacturing CNC milling and water-jet 3-axis and 5-axis cutting systems for over 30 years.

• 5 axis high speed machining Centers for Composites and Light alloys.

• Renowned company from Italy well known in Aerospace Industry.

• Wide experience in Aerospace & Automotive applications

• Range of 2 axis Heads for variety of applications

Product Range

Special machines for Aero Space industries for composites and light materials

5-axis Machining Center

TRIM Series


  • Strong, precise and totally solid, the new TRIM series by Belotti  is the show-piece of 5-axis machining center focuses devoted to the managing of plastics and composite materials. 

  • The working characteristics of the TRIMS arrangement meet any prerequisites as far as machining pace and quality. Among the different choices, the mechanized stacking/dumping frameworks (revolving tables and twin transport) permit quick bracing, saving valuable time.

5-axis Machining Center

NAVY Series


  • NAVY series consists of 5-axis advanced machining centers especially designed for shipyards specific needs

5-axis Machining Center

SKY Series


  • The SKY series from Belotti is engineered to provide increased productivity levels to the operators.

  • This unit is capable of providing the users with exactness and rigidity in a single unit, which dramatically trims down abating vibrations and coming up with quality work surfaces.

  • Moreover, this device is equipped with screw handling and optical lines, which makes it ideal for any mold and model shape