INTELMAC was established in 1981 as a marketing organisation specialising in Machine Tools and production equipments. Over the years, Intelmac has been providing first class products and services to the customers and has steadily grown to the present organisation. We represent several leading and well known manufacturers of machine tools.


Hyundai-Wia, Korea

  • Vertical machining centres & High speed drill / tap centres
  • Horizontal machining centres
  • CNC turning & turn-mill centres (horizontal & vertical)
  • Horizontal Boring machines

Unisign, Netherlands

  • Travelling column CNC vertical machining centres
  • Moving & fixed gantry CNC machining centres
  • CNC vertical Mill- turn centres
  • High speed 3 to 5 axes machining centres for Aerospace

Honor Seiki, Taiwan

  • CNC vertical turning & turn-mill centres

Paragon, Taiwan

  • Centerless Grinding machines (Hydraulic & CNC)
  • Cylindrical / angular wheel-head grinding machines (Hydraulic.& CNC)
  • internal grinding m/cs
  • CNC Profile grinding machines

Awea, Taiwan

  • Double column vertical machining centres
  • Vertical machining centres – “C frame”, wall type

SAMAG group, German

  • Multi-spindle HMC

Sun Firm Machinery, Taiwan

  • CNC heavy duty lathes

Tongtai Machine &Tool Co.Ltd. Taiwan

  • Turnkey projects based on Machining & Turning centres with automation
  • CNC horizontal boring machines

Quick-Tech Machinery Co.Ltd., Taiwan

  • Bar auto CNC lathes
  • CNC multi-tasking lathes

APEC, Taiwan

  • High speed as well as Heavy duty 5 axes machining centers for Aerospace & Die mould industries

Le-Creneau, France

  • CNC routers, profilers & machining centres for aluminum, composites, plastics etc.

Belotti, Italy

  • 5 axes CNC routers & profilers
  • Water-jet 3 & 5 axes machining centres

Mtorres, Spain

  • CNC fiber / tape laying / ultrasonic testing machines for composites
  • CNC laser maskent scribing & Riveting machines

Starvision, Taiwan

  • Double column vertical machining centers


  • Floor type milling & boring machines
  • Fixed table travelling column milling machines

Danobat, Spain

  • CNC vertical turning & boring machines
  • CNC grinding machines

Ernst Grob A.G., Switzerland

  • Cold spline rolling
  • Sheet metal Slotting machines

Goratu, Spain

  • Heavy duty long bed CNC lathes & CNC facing lathes